“All Is Well” Gathering

We’ve gathered nearly every month, but it seems the angels want me to share some things with you that will assist you in opening up to them and maintaining an even deeper dialogue with them yourself…..and who doesn’t want that right now? 

They always help me to bring information to my clients through numbers, cards, and well….whispering in my ear….but now have given me the tools, the meditation, the words, the creativity to work with groups who can then share the messages they receive with others.  Angels are constantly gifting us, and they are asking us to gift each other as well in this season of gratitude for the abundance we are so blessed with.

Why not be part of the greatest gift ever? We have played, we have shared, we have had lengthy enlightening discussions…..but this time….this time, they’ve promised it will be different.

They want everyone present to experience their in ways that you never have before!

Join us for this inspirational time in the heart of the most inspirational time of year!

Dec. 2, 2017

11 a.m. ~~ 2 p.m.


Snacks, as always, will be provided….and feel free to bring a friend (or 9) .