“Whenever there is a problem, repeat over and over: All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe.”
~Louise Hay

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The Angels have initiated a movement over the past several months, and have been kind enough to share it with me. They were explicit about who should be involved in its concept, on whatever level they decide to do so, though once established, all are invited to join us. The world needs our light, and this movement is about projecting light into darkened corners of people’s lives and reminding them that “All is well. All is well. All is well.” The movement is meant to flow comfortably and graciously just as light does, and in doing so, we are to know that Spirit is partnering with us.

We are a core group of 7, and we are asked to be the “architects” of the All Is Well Movement—Seven have been chosen, as that is the most spiritual number on the physical plane.

The angels have suggested the following people:


   Holly Matson,  of “Lightseeds by Holly”, is a Spiritual Virtual Assistant specializing in business systems and communications for the heart-based, holistic and metaphysical community. She coined the “slogan of the year” in 2015 which was directly channeled to her from the angels in response to an e-mail sent out requesting prayerful intentions.   (216 408 5461) or e-mail:  Holly@LightseedsOffice.com.


   Matthew Erwin, the catalyst behind The All is Well Movement,  is an artist on many levels, whether his hands are working the soil, or in the kitchen, or brandishing pencil and paper as a gifted sketch artist.  He was the blessed recipient of those prayerful intentions. 


   JoAnne Pasqualone Skidmore is an elementary school teacher and one who takes her role as an inspirational guide in the lives of children very seriously. She shared this statement throughout the year as we all sought reassurance from each other in the midst of a variety of personal challenges. 


   Judi Kemmerling is a licensed practical nurse and Reiki practitioner, always compassionate and empathetic with her clients, patients, family, and friends.  She consistently feeds the statement to all and contributes personally in making all things well. (904 349 2519)  judikathome@gmail.com. 


   Michael Ramsey,  of  “Gateway Healing”, is certified in many healing techniques, but prefers to think of himself as “heart-based” rather than “technique-based” in his practice.  He is a gifted healer, who also contributed personally as a healer and a true friend who not only believed in the “All is Well” statement but acted upon it.  (216 389 1804) or e-mail:  mramsey@mygatewayhealing.com. 


   Annette Hollimon, of  “Forever Phoenix”, is an energy healing practitioner and Reiki Master who consciously stopped looking for the light, and became the light instead—shining on all of us as our designated “Mama”.  (216 857 0354) or e-mail:  ahollimon11@gmail.com.  


   Patricia Ann Dooms, of  “FeatherTouch Celebrations”, believes that every aspect of our lives is meant to be celebrated–physical and emotional health: understanding our relationship with Divinity… our professions… our finances… our human interactions… our soul’s purpose for being here in this time and place…  It is her intention to be a beacon of light for the All is Well Movement.  Please contact her through this website.


Mission (Vision) Statement:

Adapted from the Peace Prayer of St. Francis:

May we be an instrument of peace. Where there is hatred, we will show love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy. May our message forever be, “All Is Well.”

The words in and of themselves are a very high vibration—Master 33. The 3 is considered a magical number, especially with its reference to mind, body, soul… the Trinity…and the Master who many of us refer to as Jeshua (Jesus), whose ministry was 3 years, and who walked the earth for 33 years, and said repeatedly: “Be still. All is well.”

Please visit this page often to see where the All Is Well Movement is touching lives, and please join us in doing so.

Become a participant:

  • Download The All Is Well Movement Pledge, share it with everyone you know, and if you like, email it to Patti Dooms at feathertouch8@att.net to indicate your support.
  • Notify any of us of needs that you perceive within your community
  • Volunteer for various projects the Movement ‘adopts’
  • Join the FeatherTouch contact list by contacting us through this website, to receive regular e-mail newsletters informing you of All is Well projects, meeting dates, and locations.
  • Assist financially with love donations.
  • Please help spread this movement by sharing our logo and this page with friends and family :

All is Well Movement logo (2)

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