An Oracle for 2018


What will 2018 be?




Mellow (OhYeh, right!)?


Get early insight about the year to come through Neal Szpatura and the Soul Journey Oracle deck.

We’ll take a look at 13 aspects of 2018, with additional exploration as seems appropriate.

And, to help your year go right, each person will be entitled to ask one personal question about their year — to be answered by the turn of a single card of the Soul Journey Oracle deck.


Saturday, January 6, 2018

FeatherTouch Celebrations

Mentor, Ohio

11:00 am to 2:00 pm


Light snacks and beverages will be provided. Bring a nibble to share if you wish.

Fee: $30 

To reserve your place, TEXT Patti Ann at 440-223-7510, email , or connect with FeatherTouch via FaceBook.


Comments about the Soul Journey Oracle and readings:


“I think the reading was GOLD!!  I will send you everybody I know.

“This gives me a lot more specific direction that is individualized. So it’s not telling me things about myself that I already know…This is more, very specific to the time in life. I think it’s marvelous. I have people at ‘upper levels’ who really need this kind of direction. It’s very helpful. It’s much more substantive. 

“… felt you really wanted to help… not just about money.”


“It’s like with this (new) deck I go, ‘Yeah, I get it in an even deeper way.’ This will really be speaking to people. It’s very, even more relatable. The (Soul Journey Oracle) helps people access and have it sink in deeper, more richly.”


“Your words were full of hope and encouragement and I am always grateful for your wisdom and connection to Spirit.”