ANNA AND THE ANGELS ~~ “The Healer’s Dilemma”

Even those of us with healing practices and who attempt to live consciously holistic lifestyles can find ourselves trapped in the “Ok, what now?” syndrome.

‘Is this expected of me, or is that?’…..

We frequently find ourselves in the position of needing angelic assistance. In fact, if we’re honest, we always find ourselves in the positon of needing angelic assistance. The best way for us to receive the guidance we seek is through dialoguing with our celestial helpers.

I found myself over my head in such a dialogue when one question simply lead to another, so I thought, ‘Why not simply ask the angels?’ Let’s ask Anna and her entourage “What now?”

The questions posed were, “What if there is more? What if there is another way? What if we can locate and feel TRUE energetic weakness causing the experience of pain, limitation, uncertainty, etc.

What if by identifying and strengthening the TRUE weakness, it is resolved?

What if the right energetic answer will always resolve the energetic weakness?

Is it true that people are not ready to heal or could it be that they don’t know the TRUE weakness and energetic answer? That they don’t TRULY understand their resistance to having a different experience…..

If it is possible to answer these questions, shouldn’t we be doing so, rather than limiting how we can be of service?”


The angels, always ready to respond with Truth, were chomping at the bit (if angels indeed chomp and have bits) replied:


“Be bold, dear ones. Create such a bold image in your healing visualizations that you will not want to back down from its perfection. Play with us; we are eager to be your team-mates, your partners in your healing endeavors. Yay team !! Can you hear us? Stop fighting for limitations and BE BOLD. It is possible. Anything is possible. Everything is possible…..

 First and foremost, show up, and do so with such clear intention for complete and irreversible healing, that no doubt can creep in. Hear and receive our guidance of what you already know to be Divine will, as we make the path clear before you.

 You will find that often your greatest role will be in simply assisting others in understanding THEIR greatest role—that they are here to express the living embodiment of divinity in all of its forms, and that most certainly includes the experience of healing and complete wellness.  

We know that you are merely asking, ‘Why don’t people always heal?’ You are seeking legitimate answers to legitimate questions, in a field where legitimacy is not the focus. You are trying to bring logic and reason into the realm of metaphysical reality. Good luck with that! 

It is perhaps easy for some to say ‘ He didn’t heal’ or ‘she didn’t heal’ due to their own ‘unbelief’.

Heed these words, dear ones: Pointing out unbelief does not heal it or create belief. We have consistently encouraged you to step out of your heads. Your “salvation” comes through those moments you find yourself “out of your mind”.

If your desire is to inspire guilt, defensiveness, and subsequent fear through verdicts of “unbelief”, then you are not the healing facilitators you claim to be. Your place is in the heart, where the Divine resides. Only the heart heals, and all healing is ultimately Divine.”


Angels, we get that….Really, we do….but why do some people heal and others do not, even when we are coming from the heart, and recognize our own Divinity in doing so?

Why do so many people feel unworthy of thriving in a life experience of joy and consistent vibrant health?


We have observed you and walked with you for eons, centuries, ages, throughout eternity and pure timelessness. We have cringed (yes, angels cringe) at your bombardment by various worldly institutions that tear your divine natures down: a modern educational system based in social mores, religion, your modern medicine, even an economic system that profits from fear just as a parasite thrives on a living host.

You, dearest darlings of the Universe, are the living host that the parasite of mendacity has feasted upon…..and you have been lead to the slaughterhouse under the guise of “reality”. You have been blinded; this is not reality. This is the illusion that on some level, you have asked to experience…while at the same time forgetting the TRUTH which sets you free.

It is fine—good, actually—to experience all that is, up until all you experience is a limited view, a very tiny portion of all that is. Then you have forgotten who you truly are—the power you truly have. Enter, the angels—your loyal subjects always ready to remind you, if you will only remember to ask.

 We understand how difficult it is to rise above this bombardment. That is why we are always present. We ask that you invite us into your experiences, so that we might walk you through them, without the interference of humanity’s shallowness.

When you gather together to ask your questions, to dialogue, know that we are among you. Inspiration comes through your coming together. The divine speaks through your sharing of ideas, even questions. You have been told, “Where two or more are gathered together, God is present.” Only in this presence, are your questions answered, your doubts silenced, the Truth revealed boldly and succinctly.

 You have forgotten so much. We are here. We are here. Call upon us. We are eager and excited to participate in your dialogue. If you will notice, those are the times that you most feel that All is well.