Anna and the Angel’s Numbers

angels and numbers

It seems lately every time I look at the clock, it says some hour, and 17 minutes. 1:17, 2:17, 3:17…….and most frequently 9:17, 10:17, and 11:17.

It causes me to ask, “What is up with the number 17 ???” Well, I’m told I am on the right path. This is good, because it’s a path chosen some time ago, and I’m not likely to change it. 17 is an 8, and therefore a ‘power number’—reminding me of my own power to make choices and decisions about my own journey, and that the choices and decisions I’ve already made are correct and proceeding quite nicely to manifest my desires and dreams. This is good, because I’ve had a lot of desires and dreams of late.

So in researching the number 17, and its angelic significance, I thought it might be fun to write about some of the ‘angel numbers’. We’ve covered 11:11 and 1:11 more than enough times to comprehend the “angelic portal”, but we can review them once again. 11:11 means that the universe has opened itself up to you. The Universe has only one response to our desires, and that is YES. In other words, if you say you can, you can….Likewise if you say you can’t, you can’t. The Universe always responds in agreement with us, so when we see 11:11 or 1:11, we need to be especially aware of our thoughts at that moment, and if they are not positive, to quickly change them! Whatever we say or think at that moment in time, impacts our lives.

There are other numbers that appear in people’s lives quite frequently, and in many forms. For some, it is the license plate in front of them. For others, it is repetitive address numbers. And or still others—like me—it’s almost always on the clock. Numbers in sequence have a message for us too. I frequently see 3:33 on the clock, which tells me that 3—not only is the communication number—but that 333 means that Anna and / or the Ascended Masters have a message for me…so listen up!! Often though, because it IS the communication number, our angels are also encouraging us to speak up, to really say what we are feeling. If you add the individual digits together, as we do in numerology, 3+3+3=9. It may be a reminder about poor communication with family or unresolved issues with them. The angels are encouraging us to let go.

If I see 222, I know it symbolizes love and serenity, because the number 2 is the number that represents love. The three 2’s also add up to 6 . The 6 asks that we promote love, peace, and harmony wherever we are, and with whomever we’re with.

444 is all about seeking more knowledge, doing whatever it takes to learn more and educate ourselves. The four is the analyst, as well as the teacher. If we break it down, three 4’s totals 12….and 1+2=3. I need to communicate to others whatever it is that I am learning. I should not keep it to myself.

So, if you have followed any of the numerology information I have shared, what we are to do with numbers in a sequence, is to look at the one number that is repeating itself, then reduce the repeating number down to one digit, and it will give a clear understanding of its significance.

There is a great deal of symbolism in each of the numbers 3, 6, and 9, and also in their sum, which is 18, and therefore a 9—the number of completion…full circle….truth, honesty, and integrity, and the highest evolved number in numerology.

When the All Is Well Movement was formed, I decided to break it down numerologically. It comes out to a Master 33. This is a very highly evolved number. Three tends to be considered a ‘magical’ number, with its reference to mind, body, and spirit, and also the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is also in reference to the Master who many of us know as Jeshua (Jesus), whose ministry was three years, and who walked the earth for 33 years, and said repeatedly: “Be still. All is well.” As we add the 3 and 3 together, it then becomes a 6—with its message of peace, harmony, love, and healing that we are to bring to the world. There is no doubt in my mind that the angels dictated not only the initiation of this movement, but also its name.

Interestingly, Nikola Tesla, like me, had a form of OCD that required him to do everything in multiples of three. (It’s true; even as a child, everything had to be in 3’s. I kiss my husband hello, and goodbye three times. I say ‘Amen’ three times…..”All is well. All is well. All is well.”) It’s as though, we have this understanding that for it to “sink in”, it has to pass through the three levels of being: body, mind, and soul.

As you may recall, Tesla discovered free energy (which of course has been diabolically stifled throughout history, but that is a topic for another day.) He happened to find patterns in signals and natural phenomena that occurred in multiples of three.

A natural phenomenon he observed was a signal not originating from Earth that repeated three pulses. Tesla thought this message was a hidden message and the repeating number of pulses, three, was some sort of “cosmic code” .

He was quoted to have said: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

Unfortunately, because his work and his research were so stifled, we don’t know what he meant by that exactly….but my guess is that he was on to something that feels very natural to me, and anyone who studies patterns, sequences, cycles, and frequency (such as Pythagorus, but what did he know?? J ) certainly comprehends that too.

The last one that I will address today (because there is only so much space, and as usual, I am already well beyond my allotted number of words) is more of a ‘specialized example’ of number sequence: 9/11. When I see those numbers, it seems the message is “Never forget”. I then take that opportunity to pray for those people still victimized—whether physically or mentally—by the events of 9/11/2001. As well, it seems a nice time to send healing and protection out to those who are dialing 911 at just that precise moment.

There is so much communication from the angels, taking so many forms, and the numbers are just one form. As I am deeply entrenched in numerical vibration and communication with the celestial beings, it only stands to reason that I would eventually be able to correlate the two. I am not the only one. We often live so unconsciously, we don’t recognize guidance even when we are smacked in the face with it, let alone when the messages are as subtle as our angels and guides tend to be.

Any questions? Anna and her angelic entourage are eager to answer them for you!