Anna and the Angels: SHINE, SHINE, SHINE…..

It has been a horrific week. Shall I say “another horrific week”?

Another act of violence. Another blow to humanity. Another ache in the cumulative heart.

The angels remain with us, guiding us, advising us—an ever-reliable, ever-loving presence, and I am grateful for them and for Anna who I look to for maternal compassion and direction.

As always, I put the request out there: ‘Does anyone have a question for Anna and the Angels at this time?’

They came pouring in this week; I can’t fit them all into one article, but I can choose one. I pondered them, as Anna pointed and said, “That one. Allow us to answer that one right there.”

*** “Is it okay to feel happy when those around you are troubled?”


Oh beloveds, how else do you alter the reality you are creating? If you are creating as you go….which indeed you are…..can you possibly think that your personal happiness can make an already troubled world more troubled?


We not only say, we encourage….we plead with you to be as we are and to Shine, shine, shine.

In the face of fear, shine!

In the face of sorrow, shine!

Don’t retreat into your shadows…

No matter what is happening around you….No matter what you hear is occurring in your world, by all means, it is time to SHINE!!


As you let your own light shine, you unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As you are liberated from your own fear, your presence automatically liberates others.

 Your happiness is the light of the world. Without your joy, what is to light an otherwise very darkened path? We implore you…..Shine, shine, shine !

 Do not allow the terrors of the world to become personally yours. Do not buckle. Do not cringe. Stand strong. Be BOLD !!

We would never suggest you cower or bury your heads in the proverbial sand. We would strongly suggest that you be aware of what is happening all around you, and rise above it, with outstretched hands and an open heart, embracing all who might join you in the rising up and shining your light with the joy you came into your world to experience.

 Only this can defeat the darkness. Only the act of shining among the stars can the darkness be rolled back, out of sight…and therefore out of mind….and therefore out of reality.

 We would ask you once again….to leave your minds. Leave them behind. They are not serving your pain, but only increasing it. You will never find peace within your mind. Peace comes within the heart, and only the heart. Your heart is the wellspring of life…the home of divinity. Your heart creates through an electrical energy that is 50 times greater than that of your brain. Allow it to renew and refresh you… renew and refresh your world.

 Open your hearts and embrace all of life around you. Feel the warmth of the sun upon your face, as though it is the very breath of the Divine. Feel the air whisper the words of eternity: “You are loved. You are loved. You are loved.”

 When you are in this heart place, you cannot help but shine. Cast your light upon the darkened corners of the world. Join with each other in sharing your light. We speak of this so casually, because for us it is so. However, you remain puzzled. You feel living from the heart is constant and consistent love and compassion, and it is!! But you have forgotten to direct that great love and compassion inward!

 As we have stated so many times before, mankind is at a crossroads. More of you than not, understand it is a time for loving. Sadly however, more of you than not, fail to realize your own need for self-love and compassion.


Try this angel exercise….The next time you are feeling the ache of the world laying heavy upon your own shoulders….the next time you are feeling the stress…the anxiety….the fear brought about by circumstances you believe to be beyond your control….the next time you feel overwhelmed to the point of physical pain, shortness of breath, panic in its full physical sense…. say to yourself, “STOP!” Just stop. Breathe.

 Now locate the first green of life that comes into your view….so often simply a tree….The trees are placed upon your planet to be your teachers as well as your breathers. When you glance upon that tree, that flower, that plant life form, allow it to settle into your heart. Feel yourself breathing with it. Fill your heart and your lungs with that same color of green, and feel the peace. The color of the heart chakra is green. The primary color in your surroundings is green. Don’t you see it? Notice it. Absorb it! There are no coincidences. This is the color of life around you, and when you are not in its vicinity, you withdraw. You are constantly and consistently reminded to fill yourself with this brilliant, emerald green healing ray—also the color of Archangel Raphael, the healer. Interesting, no?


This is living from the heart. It is not what you are doing in the world for others; it is what you are doing to sustain life within yourself.

Go to your heart when you are in need of peace. It will not fail you. It is your link to Divinity. It is your wellspring. Go there. And breathe. When you have found the peace that always awaits you in the heart, then you will remember your own joy in living. Then you will remember that is what you came here for. Then you will remember that it is not only okay to feel happy when others are troubled, but your happiness will lift the troubles of the world up, up, up, and out!


Shine your light. We implore you. Shine, shine, shine….and know that all is well.