From Aramaic to Hebrew to Greek to Latin to German to English…..

So what exactly ARE the words of Jesus? What EXACTLY did he say??

There are roughly 40 English words to every one Aramaic word.

Add to that, the fact that the Aramaic language is full of expression, tone, body language, breath patterns (perceived as pauses) and is often poetic and full of allegory—allowing for the all too common mis-translation of this very basic language that Jesus himself spoke, as did those of his day.

To start, his name is not Jesus Christ. His name, in his own native language, is Yeshua bin Yoseph—Jeshua, son of Joseph—also to known to Christians as Jesus, the Christ.

Even the most arduous and dedicated scholars who have spent their lifetimes studying the words of Jesus rarely get them exactly right. First, it would have been a lot easier if someone had a video recorder back then, let alone a common use of the language. But they didn’t, and we don’t either. So we do the best we can with what we have, and if we sincerely desire to know the messages given us over 2000 years ago, we study as much of it as we can whenever and however we can.

Abwoon d’bwashmaya…..As always, it is not spoken the way it looks. The Ab is on the inhale….the woon on the exhale. The d’bwash on the inhale, the maya on the exhale. If this language is not only spoken—but breathed differently, it can become an entirely different language. This is the foundation for the importance of the breath in all things spiritual.

These words may be more familiar if translated this way:

O birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos, you create all that moves in light.”


Or perhaps:

Abba, who is everywhere…”


Or yet the even more familiar:

Our father who art in Heaven…”


*** Henry Reed and Patti Ann Dooms have studied the Aramaic language, each of them for years….and when they learned this about each other, decided to present so many of its hidden truths to others who might be equally curious about it.


April 29th

11 a.m. ~~ 2 p.m.