healing heart 1           Our intention for this day is to leave our minds behind for a while. We do not find peace within our minds. Peace comes within the heart, and only the heart. Our hearts are the wellspring of life…the home of divinity. Our hearts create through an electrical energy that is fifty times greater than that of our brains. Join us as we center in our hearts and allow ourselves to shine.

10 a.m. ~~ 10:45 a.m. — Your three presenters will each discuss their own various ways of grounding and coming into the heart space.


Hilda Jarvis

11:00 ~ noon – Hilda Jarvis of “Relaxing for Health” will present a Heart Math meditation: ‘Breath, Emotion, and the Heart’:

~~Hilda will show us how the breath, the emotions and the heart are very connected. Utilizing the wonderful HeartMath® technology, we will be able to relate and “feel” the importance of each one of these components, and how they can affect and change our state of health at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. As well, she will offer easy tools to incorporate into our everyday lives to assist us in becoming more authentic, powerful and clear.


*** Hilda has studied with Donna Eden, Dr. Norm Shealy, Master Chuny Lin, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. She is a facilitator for a preventative, natural and pro-active approach to health. Her Practice includes: Reiki, Aromatherapy, Liquid Light Frequency Remedies, Cranio-sacral therapy, Relaxation Massage, Eden Energy Medicine and Biofeedback. She is also an author and illustrator of: “What I Dreamed Last Night, A Story for Children of All Ages”. For further info: .


~~Noon Break~~ Beverages and snacks will be furnished.


Beth Ann

 12:30 ~ 1:30 – Beth Ann ofA Field of Grace: A Place Your Soul Calls Home” will present ‘The Heart of Healing’:

 ~~There is a center in the body where love and spirit are joined, and that center is the heart. In this workshop you will be guided to listen to the messages your heart is sending you. You will begin to clear away whatever is blocking your heart so that you can experience the pure shining spirit that is your true nature. Join us for a heart -warming and transformational journey within!


*** Beth Ann Church is a psychic / medium who specializes in the Akashic Records as a healing tool for personal and spiritual growth. Beth Ann is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Massage Therapist, and Spiritual Advisor. You may contact Beth and learn more about her practice through .


Patti 9,17,15

1:45 ~ 2:45 – Patti Ann of “FeatherTouch Celebrations” will present ‘Writing Angel Messages From the Heart’

~~ The angels connect us to our hearts and that aspect of ourselves which is God-consciousness. It is loving, but neutral… compassionate, but unsentimental. Working with the angels helps to bring our hearts to the forefront of our lives as well as into the world.

Our angels and guides speak to us through our hearts and when they speak to us, it is important to write down whatever we receive.

 * Be sure to bring a notebook and pen when you attend this workshop, and be ready to receive deep heart-felt messages from your own angels, saints, or guides.

 Patti Ann will first channel some brief angel messages to support the opening of your heart, and then work with you to “hear through the heart”.   Learn how to write without editing or censoring or trying to change words or expressions to make them sound better. Write without judgment, as though you are taking dictation, because that is exactly what you will be doing!


*** Patricia Ann Dooms, known in some circles as “the Mentor from Mentor”, is a certified holistic lifestyle mentor, Master Numerologist, and is frequently asked to allow the angels to speak through her. She is willing to do so upon request. To learn more about all things FeatherTouch, or to participate in the All is Well Movement, please contact her through this website: .


REGISTRATION NECESSARY (space is limited) !!

Please register by phone:  (440) 223 7510 or e-mail: