The Energy of Cash Flow

Many don’t realize that cash is a form of energy….

….and therefore, like any other form of energy, it is readily available to us.

YES, YES, it’s true!

energy of money
So why….do you say…..WHY doesn’t it FEEL more available???Well, we’ve been programmed to believe an awful lot of lies and have bought in to illusion for a very long time. So what better way gift to give ourselves than to let go of the old thinking patterns that no longer serve us (if they in fact, EVER did), and open ourselves up to some life-altering, uplifting, evolved new thoughts and practices filled with the truths behind the Law of Attraction?

Join us for this ‘playshop’, and learn how to draw the energy of financial abundance that often appears so elusive!!

Attendees will receive their own prosperity “mojo bag”.

Saturday, June 11th
Integral Life Center
539 East Washington St.
Chagrin Falls, OH
Please call 440-591-0523  for reservations!