Fearlessness, Freedom, and Liberation



A few weeks ago, we had Neal Szpatura here at FeatherTouch to give us an outlook on 2018 with his new oracle cards. After going over the year in general, he gave each of us the opportunity to ask one personal question.

When it came to be my turn, I asked what I most need to know right now. He drew a card for me (I always let Neal draw the card).

The photo was of four horses in a field, and he told me the meaning was freedom and liberation in 2018. Well, who was I to question his interpretation? After all, they are his cards. But…just like I’m sure you’re thinking…..it crossed my mind: “ Are those the four horses of the apocalypse??”

Alas, they did not appear the least threatening; they appeared quite fearless and free and rather enjoying their existence in the middle of that field. So….I decided to go with his message and claim freedom and liberation for myself in 2018.

The next step of course, was to ponder exactly what form said freedom and liberation might take. Well, at first, it was a rather exciting portent of things to come. Then…me being me….I started feeling a little squeamish. What exactly did it mean, and how exactly might it come??

I have since meditated on it, consulted with the angels, asked AnnaBelle, and visualized a few different scenarios. Eventually I reached a conclusion and a goal for myself this year.

In fact, I decided the truth of it came across as such a profound message, that I should not keep it to myself. It needs to be shared…..

The guidance I received (and it doesn’t matter what form I received it) was all about peace and the state of flow, surrendering and releasing attachment to results. How freeing and liberating is that ??

There is a certain confidence that comes from releasing attachment. We have the patience to wait for things to unfold naturally. We aren’t desperate for results.

We are connected to the true source of all that is. We trust life. We live in the purity of the present moment where all miracles occur. We enter the state of flow in whatever we are doing, and we fall in love with whatever we are doing.

We do it for the sheer joy of doing it. We do it without self-consciousness and we do it unselfishly.

We give all that we have and all that we are to the present moment with loving attention. We have an inner knowing that we are doing what we are meant to do in life.
We are connected with our own inner power.

No matter what physical or mental obstacles we face, we become more and more productive and more and more creative , more and more giving without ever worrying about the outcome.
Love comes to us. Loving people are magnetized to us!

Our health improves. Matters come together like ripe fruit falling from a tree because we are no longer stressing and striving.

We are no longer desperate. We live in peace and faith instead of fear and doubt. There’s a natural, effortlessness about us. There is harmony and alignment in heart, mind, body, and in our lives because we come from loving what we’re doing, giving of ourselves and having the quiet assurance that all things come together for our highest good.

All is well becomes more than just a slogan. It becomes the realization that fearlessness, freedom and liberation are the reality we choose, and therefore the reality we manifest.

That being the case…..

All truly is well !!