From Conception to Birth



           ….and speaking of birth, happy “Mothers’ Week” to all of you who fill that role in one way or another (for children, elderly parents, pets, goldfish/turtle-owners, healers, etc…)  All require nurturing so let’s honor ourselves, both male and female, because nurturing and love are genderless.

Wedding season is upon us (I should say upon me), and with being booked a great deal of the summer weekends, there are few events and workshops to invite you to….except….

“Calista Paints !!”

returns to us on June 2nd.  I hope you will join us; we have so much fun !! 
There will be a few more workshops after that and I will keep you posted, but until then, weddings, weddings, weddings…..
I do so enjoy them.  What’s not to love about the promise between two people based on the vision they have of their individual lives joined together in partnership? 
     It’s not just a reason for a party; it’s a commitment to love.

  My mind continues to meander, weddings or not….so I found myself in the wonderful position to experience an interesting insight the last few days.  I am always eager to share my insights….

Reiki opened the door to quantum medicine for me well over 20 years ago, and that path has taken me on an interesting journey into a field that goes way beyond living a holistic lifestyle. The nature of energy and all the various forms that it takes leaves all of life open to unlimited possibilities–eternal and infinite…..but first we have to see it.

Wayne Dyer said “If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.”

I just recently had it revealed to me that it is the nature of our imaginations to see in pictures rather than words….and until we are able to “see” in our minds eye, rather than simply speaking or even hearing…..we cannot conceive what we are attempting to manifest, and if we can’t conceive it we certainly can’t have any part in creating it.

For years, I wondered what the difference is between Reiki and any other form of prayer.
Well….nothing, as long as when we pray, it is with the vision–the picture– of our perfect intention. It’s got nothing to do with asking, begging, supplicating, or pleading.
It’s all about agreement with what is, and the knowledge that all is well with what is.

Those are great words, aren’t they?  The perfect affirmation !!  But what does that statement LOOK like ??
Today, I came to understand that this is the purpose of the Reiki symbols (It certainly took me long enough….)
They offer our imaginations pictures to help us conceive…and we need to conceive to believe….and we need to believe to achieve….

Each image represents a particular vibration that is needed to get the job done. Those vibrations have a symbol. See the symbol, add the intention and send it on its way.

Sacred symbols have been used throughout humanity’s history simply because we need to see the mental “picture” in order to conceive of the possibility of what we are manifesting.

Reiki…and other similar traditions have no mystery nor secrecy (no matter what you may have heard). They just offer the pictures that we need in order to manifest a desired Divine outcome.

I know most of you get this….but for some reason, having learned this thing about the pictures I carry in my mind, I get it more clearly than I ever have.  We can say all kinds of words as affirmations, prayers, even in simple conversation about our intentions…but it is the pictures that manifest most quickly, because pictures create feelings, and feelings come from our hearts, and it is within our hearts that all healing takes place, whether sent or received.

Love the symbols.  All of them.  They are like a hotline to the Divine.

Conceive it to Believe it to Achieve it.

That is all, and All Is Well….

~~Patti Ann