“Healing Stories”


~~A Transformational Circle for Comfort, Growth, and Healing~~
with Neal Szpatura

“There are no truths. There are only stories.”

Those eight words encompass perhaps the most powerful teaching my esteemed shamanic teacher ever provided me.

The stories we embrace, the stories we allow ourselves to own, can guide us to tremendous positive transformation. Healing stories can take us to a time outside of time, where hope is eternal and the miraculous is possible.

Join in a comfortable circle where Shamanic practitioner and teacher Neal Szpatura will lead guided meditations based on Shamanic healing journeys undertaken over decades.

These meditations will help circle members access, explore and engage the imaginal realm, a dimension of Soul and Spirit where self-healing can be initiated and enhanced.

Participants should dress for the season and be prepared to work in a comfortable, seated meditative position for long periods of time.

Please bring:
~ a sleep shade or bandana if you prefer one,
~ a notebook or paper and pen to take notes
~ any beverage or snack you may need
~ any small ceremonial items you may prefer to have with you

Fee: $25
Work will begin at 11:00 am.
Please note, circle size will be limited.

Any questions? Reserve your place?
Please email Patti at feathertouch8@att.net

***Neal Szpatura is a shamanic practitioner, writer, Soul Oracle reader, intuitive consultant and dreamwork teacher. He has studied with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and with indigenous teachers from North and South America, Africa and Australia. Neal teaches shamanic practice, dreamwork and intuitive development, and works with clients on sacred path issues.

Comments from people at recent Healing Stories Circles:

“…it gave me much perspective and insight.”

“There was a connectedness in it that was very unique…. The second journey… basically blew me away (in every good way).”

“The Healing Stories… are actual healings. I had at first thought that they would convey an invocation or invitation to The Sacred for deep contemplation……But they are actual portals of entry. They are hallways of healing……experiential and palpable.”

“Thank you so much for your Healing Stories circle this evening, Neal. I feel so peaceful and happy! And hopeful. And young and healthy Good all over inside and out.”

“I wanted to share with you that before the meditation even started, as you were speaking to us, I saw this huge aura all around you of whitish/goldish light. I have seen energy moving around people before, but this was my FIRST time seeing an aura like that. I kept blinking to see if it would go away, but it did not. Anyway- just wanted to share… THANK YOU!” ~ LK
“It was wonderful. Neal, you are so sincere and real and funny and you help bring these other-worldly ideas to earth in an approachable way.” ~ Anon

“If I had this as a podcast, I’d already be sharing it.” ~ JC