Introduction to Empathic Empowerment ~~ Class 2

     Local Intuitive Healer and Happiness Coach Rian Dean will be leading a two-hour introductory class providing a sneak peek into his Empathic Empowerment Training® workshop series. During this class, you will receive the information necessary and the opportunity to see your Empathic gifts in a completely new Light. We will discuss the importance and value of body awareness and the manner in which the Empath may focus their energy inward to minimize the effects of other’s emotions and energies. This is a participatory class and will include a short presence process to allow immediate focus of awareness within one’s body.
Light refreshments provided.
This is the 2nd of 4 classes. Each class may be taken individually and teaches stand-alone techniques that empower the Empath. All 4 classes together describe a new approach to and understanding of the full scope of the Empaths abilities and the purpose for which we chose these gifts.
Class duration: 2 hours.
(Post class discussion may extend this time slightly, participation is not mandatory).

Class cost: $40