Introduction to Empathic Empowerment Training®


Local Intuitive Healer and Happiness Coach Rian Dean… 

…will be leading a two-hour introductory class providing a sneak peek into his Empathic Empowerment Training® workshop series.
During this class, you will receive the information necessary and the opportunity to see your Empathic gifts in a completely new Light.

After a complete reframing of your ideas and understanding of what it means to be an Empath, you will also learn a unique method of cleansing your Body, Mind, and Spirit of unwanted energies and emotions. This is a participatory class and will include a short meditation as part of the process you will learn. Light refreshments provided.

This is the 1st of 4 classes. Each class may be taken individually and teaches stand-alone techniques that empower the Empath.
All 4 classes together describe a new approach to and understanding of the full scope of the Empaths abilities and the purpose we chose these gifts.

Class duration: 2 hours. (Post class discussion may extend this time slightly, participation is not mandatory).

Individual class cost: $40

FeatherTouch will be presenting all 4 classes over the next few months, which will then certify you in Empathing Empowerment Training.
Please stay connected for future dates.