The Magic of Moonlight Orgonite


Orgonite is a positive energy generator, first discovered by engineer Dr Wilhelm Reich in the 30’s and 40’s. He used a modified Geiger counter to show that energy changed from positively charged ions,(deadly) to negatively charged (healthy) ions after moving through the chamber.

The combination of metal and resin creates an energy field that changes the energy, in your home, and in you. Orgonite works much like a salt lamp does, but it is portable, no electricity required. Specific crystals for healing and chakra balancing are also added.

Everyone present will receive a piece of orgonite!


****Michele Harcourt is a Reiki Master and a Crystal Healer and uses the orgonite in her healing practice.She will be explaining the various uses of her items, from healing to household purifying, to gardening….Michelle is also been a Tarot reader since her freshman year in college, over 25 years. It is probably of utmost importance to mention that she is also great fun!