Mental Meanderings from Heart to Head and Back to Heart Again (Try To Keep Up)


I hope I don’t lose anyone today….because today is one of those “mental meandering” kinds of days, and I’m not sure where this article is going to lead us….so let’s just see where it goes…..

I think, with this being late October (early November by the time you read it), the thinning of the veil between Heaven and Earth is allowing energies of enlightenment and transformation to come through comfortably and easily….and I don’t know about you, but I could use some “comfortable” and “easy” right about now……

We have had so much to deal with…..So much going on in our individual lives, which of course is reflected in the world, and likewise– the chaos of the world is also reflected in our individual lives. It’s just the way of things. We are all one—As the angels stated early on when I began allowing them to take over–”As the microcosm, so the macrocosm.”

I always loved that line. I think it’s because it was my first confirmation that my words were not my words when I called on something or someone else to come through…because face it; ‘microcosm’ and ‘macrocosm’ are simply not terms I readily use on a daily basis.

Today all my reading and listening has everything to do with the heart being the wellspring of life, from which divinity manifests itself in physical form….that the God of our understanding dwells and reigns in the heart, and it is back to the heart that we must return if we desire to experience the fullness of life promised us from that first moment of Creation….and having seemed to escape us in recent decades.
The indigenous peoples still comprehend the heart as the center of all that is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be.

We are reminded even in our mere 300 yr old modern science, that the heart is the first organ to be formed within the womb, long before the brain, and it is the heart that supports the development of the fetus.
Modern science has also taught us that the heart possesses 100 times the electrical energy of the brain (which allows it to reach out to infinity) and as much as a thousand times the magnetic field of the brain (which allows it to draw from infinity).
So…where did we get lost?

All of the information about quantum physics and the role that the heart plays within not only our individual lives, but also our collective lives as joint inhabitants of the Earth…Is. Not. New. To. Me.
Is it new to you? Or does it trigger something inside you that resonates with you and gives you that “a-ha” moment of recollection?

I realized in listening to some of this “new” information (“New”…how funny is that….when this understanding is between 4-5000 years old, in comparison to a 300 year old science?)…Anyway, I realized just how long the knowledge has been with me all of my life.

As a child I attended a parochial elementary school. We were taught that all of life sprang from our hearts…that our hearts were in control of everything in our bodies.
It wasn’t until changing to a public school and junior high biology class, that I was presented with the brain as being the vital force in all that is life-sustaining. How odd is that…..and how foreign to someone who for six impressionable years, learned everything of significance in our lives—our health, our abundance, our relationships, our happiness, our peace, our comprehension of how things work….all came from the heart and not the brain? We have to be a little “out of our minds” so to speak… to stay well and happy and healthy and joyful and at peace.

My understanding now is that the brain is more of a syringe—producing all of the chemicals, hormones, and substances that are needed by the various organs….but if not for an open heart, those chemicals would not do their job. The love of self, our world, a faith in a higher power….all of this comes from an open heart. Without it, all of the chemicals of the brain—even those chemicals reproduced in laboratories for the sole purpose of supplementing the brain when it ‘appears’ not to be as on top of things as it should be—are worthless if not for the choosing to live from our hearts.

Wondering why I learned that in Catholic School….Wondering if everyone else there got that….Wondering so many things about the things I “KNEW” as a child and was talked out of over the years.
Wondering if we, as parents and grandparents can keep the little ones coming into the world from forgetting what they came here for. They know who they are. Let’s not let them forget. But first we have to remember who WE are and what WE came here for. If not now, when? If not us, who?

These are the things that create the feeling that all is well. Why aren’t we choosing to visit that aspect of ourselves more?
Why are we getting so sucked into the pollution of the world (both literally and figuratively), rather than un-polluting ourselves?

Every day, the divine says to us: “Look at this magnificent sunrise I have created for you.”
And we respond with: “Ugh. Another day. Same old same old….”
Divinity says, “Look at the beautiful people I have brought into your life.”
Humanity responds with, “Look at all the low-lifes in the world”.
Divinity breathes life into us, filling us with all that we need not only to survive, but to thrive.
Humanity says, “I’m ‘so sick’ of this.”
Divinity points out the millions every day who represent Earth’s finest.
Humanity says, “I hate the president. I hate Harvey Weinstein. I hate the NFL.”

Well, what about everybody else?? What about ourselves??
What happens in our lives when we not only participate in—but observe kindness?
Quantum physics has proven that the cells of our bodies change by merely being exposed to a random act of kindness.
This might be simple-minded to some, but frankly I choose to step into kindness and live from there—the realm of the heart, which is eternal….than to succumb to the tragedies of the world as perceived by the mind, our most temporal and unreliable source for truth.

We get to choose. That’s what we created in the Garden. We get to choose between life and death, good and evil….We get to choose between a life lived from the heart where God dwells, or a life lived in the mind where a 300-year-old science lives, that keeps changing its mind and doing harm as it ‘progresses’ .

It is easy to know which one you live in. The things of the mind change. The things of the heart are permanent. They have always been and always will be consistent.
The heart does not go off on tangents or justifications and explanations. The mind does that. The heart gives us phrases that promote good feelings:
“I am.”
“Be still.”
“Love one another”.
“Peace be with you.”
“ All is well.”

Just listen….and choose the life-affirming language of the heart, shutting out the language of the ego, which seeks only to separate, instill fear, and destroy.
Am I suggesting the fearsome monsters of News-media-land don’t exist? No of course not. I am suggesting that by staying in the heart—bringing Heaven to Earth—those things will cease to exist. I hope to meet you in that space where we are all connected—the realm of the heart, the realm of divinity….where we truly CAN make a difference, transforming ourselves and subsequently the world.