A Merry, Blessed, Lovely Christmas to All !

Merry Christmas!!

I am wishing you all of the blessings expected of this ‘7’ day…..

As you might recall, if you took my numerology class, the reason this specific date was chosen by the early church is because it stood among the major holidays already being celebrated at this time: the Solstice, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year and other midwinter celebrations from various religions and cultures around the world.

The fact that the early Christians chose Decemeber 25th is because at that time, numerology was a very respected and widely- practiced science (not unlike today, at least in MY circles. 🙂

While twelve is the highest evolved number on the spiritual plane, seven is the most spiritual number on the physical plane. It made sense to choose the twelfth month (twelve Tribes of Israel, twelve apostles, twelve tones to angelic voice, twelve color variations in the spiritual spectrum, twelve reducing to 3—the symbol of the Trinity, of the triune being –body, mind, and soul).

The number seven which is also known loosely as the “God made flesh” number, has been significant for centuries….at least 2000 years. 🙂 Think of the seven chakras, the seven endocrine glands, the seven body systems, the seven sacraments, the seven colors of the rainbow spectrum, the seven tones to the human voice…….

So despite the frivolity of the holiday, attend to the 7 energy and take some time to be alone today….Meditate and feel the sacredness, the blessings brought forth this day above all days.

Be still, and listen to your inner soul. There is no better Christmas celebration than that.

In your meditations today, know that the number 7 always reveals a truth to us that sets us free on some level—especially this particular “7” day.

Be open to a personal message meant just for you…from your angels, your saints, your guides, and your ancestors. Loved ones always visit on Christmas, and though it sometimes makes for a bittersweet holiday, remain observant and aware of the Presence.

Make peace today wherever it is needed—whether between yourself and others, or simply between others (without meddling of course). Bless relationships everywhere, be they personal or worldly, and allow the blessings the time that they need to manifest the changes we all desire in our own lives and in the world (which of course is our own lives.)

Angels surround us today, even those we are unaware of (Hebrews 13:2 –

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”).

That being the case, all things FeatherTouch (which includes me) wish you a blessed and joyous, peace-filled holiday, with great, great love and the knowledge that All Is Well.

~~Patti Ann