Numerology, Angels, and All Is Well Gathering

Last month’s Gathering was so successful and such a great time, that I promised to offer them monthly.
I made a discovery as a result of the Gatherings I booked over the holiday season.
I love doing readings (that wasn’t the discovery).

I love healing work. I love teaching numerology (and all of the other things that creep into that workshop, including discussing the energy of cash flow.) I love book studies and creative group projects,and simply allowing Spirit to take the lead as we follow the direction of that lead.


So this is my ‘discovery’…….No surprises actually, but the experience of it was very validating. Energy is incredibly amplified in groups, and I found that the angels loved jumping right in and answering questions, the numbers came alive, healings took place, money and crystals and sparkles and feathers began to change hands and an absolutely grand time was had by all. I think my one-on-one work is taking a back seat to working with groups… and working in circles. It just happened; I didn’t plan it.

So….I’ve decided to do it on a regular basis (In truth, I don’t think it was MY decision at all).
I hope you’ll join me for the second of many “Numerology, Angels, and ‘All Is Well’ ” Gatherings. No doubt eventually it will just come to be known as “The ‘All Is Well’ Thing” and that’s just fine with me, because that feeling is the goal….because THIS workshop….THIS gathering…. and all those that follow, are going to strictly be about finding the joy and the reassurance that all is indeed well.

We all work too hard and think too much. This is going to be a play day from the heart, because that’s where we really live. I was asked to call upon the angels more this time around, as we covered a lot of numbers last time. So I would ask….Please come equipped with questions for my winged entourage !!

I’ll even provide a snack and beverage, just because that’s what I do.

April 22nd

11 a.m. ~~ 2 p.m.