Numerology, Angels, & All Is Well Gathering

We continue to allow AnnaBelle and the Angels to guide each of these gatherings, and they’ve been great fun so far, so there is no reason not to expect them to continue.

As always, I love healing work. I love teaching numerology (and all of the other things that creep into that workshop, including discussing the energy of cash flow.) I love book studies and creative group projects, and simply allowing Spirit to take the lead as we follow the direction of that lead.

Energy is incredibly amplified in groups, and we have discovered that the angels love jumping right in and answering questions, the numbers come alive, healings take place, money and stones and sparkles and feathers begin to change hands and an absolutely grand time is had by all.

THIS workshop….THIS gathering…. and all those that follow, are strictly about finding the joy and the reassurance that all is indeed well.

11 a.m. ~ 2 p.m.
$25 per class

Saturday, Aug. 26th


Registration required.

Contact Patti Ann at
or call (440) 223-7510
The FeatherTouch Celebrations
address will be provided at registration.