Numerology, Angels, & All Is Well Gathering

Between weddings, outside events, and the holiday weekend, we missed this ongoing playshop in May, but fear not All is well-ers; we will be back on the 24th of June to enjoy each other’s company once again, and of course, that of our angelic playmates.

We continue to allow the angels to guide each of these gatherings, and they’ve been great fun so far, so there is no reason not to expect them to continue.

We all work too hard and think too much. This is going to be a play day from the heart, because that’s where we really live.

In addition, my winged and haloed friends are already encouraging some creative play this time around, so no matter what form that takes, know that supplies are already provided (I can’t wait to see what they are!)

As always, please come equipped with questions for my Heavenly entourage !!

11 a.m. ~ 2 p.m.
$25 per class

Saturday, June 24th


Registration required.

Contact Patti Ann at
or call (440) 223-7510
The FeatherTouch Celebrations
address will be provided at registration.