“One Day”, One Song

Someone made a reference this morning to people yesterday using the 9/11 commemoration to bash the President…and likewise there was some Hillary-bashing as well.

I must have been protected; I didn’t see any of it…and that’s just fine, as I am soul-sick with all the bashing.
People have grown so accustomed to it publicly, that they are thinking nothing of bringing it into their personal lives…deciding it is the way to relate, and to communicate honestly with each other.
A couple weeks ago someone suggested  that I try Twitter. After a few days, I didn’t like myself or anyone or anything in the world, completely forgetting who I really am and that this world is a beautiful place –the Garden which we were not thrown out of, but by all means have screwed up in many ways….that its inhabitants are the most awesome gift we have ever been given to each other in order for our souls to recognize ourselves and learn to forgive, correct, and therefore thrive.
When the soul thrives, the body thrives. It is not the other way around. When we look around at the multi-billion dollar Western Medical industry which includes the equally profitable pharmaceutical industry, we can clearly observe just how much soul sickness there is…manifesting in the physical as it was always meant to, in order for us to gauge our own soulfulness, or lack thereof. The people who heal…Those who are victorious against all odds… have worked on their souls while others have tended to them physically. Sometimes the soul work is all that is necessary, allowing the body to come around to its perfect state…but interestingly, it is never the body-work that brings the soul around…
The past few weeks on one hand, have felt like a waste of my life…On the other hand, it was a drop in the bucket as it was weeks and not years….poignant brevity instead of eons of eternity.
Thank You God for the giant wake-up call. I am working at coming back to my authentic self, but it’s been a challenge to overcome the demons (yes Carolyn Myss, I understand if there are angels there must also be demons because we live in a world of contrast). They latched on to me in the midst of all that ugliness that I found myself floundering in, because I was over my head before remembering my power over it.
I am so incredibly glad this experience was brief, though it has visited periodically throughout my life. I can now see it for what it is having denied it for so long.
My son, in his dear soft voice, instantly recognizes when I am with him and find something disturbing (ok, my eyes are indeed the windows to my soul. Anyone who knows me can read them, and he reads them especially well). At those times, he looks me directly in the eye as though no one else is even around, gets this gentle look on his face, and takes his hand and in a sweeping motion, practically whispers “Just let it go, Mom”. Sometimes he just mouths the words and I laugh because I hear him loud and clear…and I can let it go and I do…and now I find myself doing this in front of the mirror…”Let it go, Patti; just let it go…”

I’ve learned (albeit the hard way) that it’s not the equivalent to pushing things down or pretending they don’t exist; it is surrendering and releasing it to Divinity in order for it to be transmuted into the Light that is real, and away from the darkness of illusion where the human ego lives and reigns.
I am closing my Twitter account but have had the privilege of seeing and sharing nice things on Facebook, people’s kindness, good news, and wow…yesterday’s uplifting vocal bring Christians, Jews, and Muslims together in one place to sing “One Day”. I posted it yesterday….Linking it here as well.  Enjoy.