The Path of the Souls – A Runic Guide

Rian will be discussing the Viking Runes and the manner in which they may be used to determine the Path of the Soul. The Viking Runes are able to describe why we came to this Life and what, as the Soul, we intended to experience. We will look at the Viking Runes and the Destiny profile, a specific reading performed with the Viking Runes that answers the following questions:

  • Why was I Born?
  • What is my Vocation?
  • What is my Destiny?
  • What is my Burden?
  • What is my Unified Self?

The Path of the Soul is always the path of least resistance. Find out what that means on how you may know for sure, the reason you are here.

In addition each participant will be provide a booklet describing the meanings of each Rune and many correspondences to other esoteric items as well as a brief history of the Runes.


Rian Dean consciously began his Spiritual Path roughly 12 years ago.  During this time he felt a great kinship with the Norse Runes. It is his desire to share all that he has learned and experienced and enjoys allowing others to find a piece of their own Truth through the Runes.  He provides Intuitive readings using the Norse Runes as a divination tool to facilitate access to those aspects of a person’s Spiritual Path that are of primary importance at the time of the reading. The Runes are Ancient Knowledge Providing Wisdom Now.

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