Playing In the Divine ~ Restoring Your True Nature

Playing in the Divine 2     Having offered the Playing In The Divine series a couple times now we are finding it important to clarify our desire and process.

Playing In The Divine is about Restoring Your True Nature. It is an experiential process of transformation. This group gathering is about experiencing energetic shifts and strengthening. Our world is overrun with information and distractions. We are bombarded with array of offerings that promise to change our lives, heal our pain, bring more peace, create more success, and increase our income and on and on. So, why is it that most people continue to struggle in life and experience pain and lack in so many ways?

The average person is only energetically strong to roughly 20% of their entire life! On average, most people are using 70% of their energy to maintain life circumstances and issues.  That is a crazy fact! Playing In The Divine is an experience designed to make you energetically stronger to life and creating your desired experience.

Each person in the group will have the opportunity to experience energetic clearing and strengthening – which is truly the only way to change your life. Each gathering will be completely different, dependent upon the needs of the group. During these groups you will learn:

  • How to know what weakens you and what strengthens you.
  • How to clear energetic weakness and energetically strengthen yourself.
  • Some possible areas of work may include – prosperity / abundance, weight, physical issues, relationships, purpose, spirituality, self-care, and much more.

So, come have fun, get stronger and explore who you truly are!