Playing In the Divine

Playing In the Divine          Our world is overrun with information and distraction. We are bombarded with an array of offerings promising to change our lives, heal our pain, bring more peace, create success, increase our money and on and on and on. So, why is it that most people continue to struggle in life and still experience pain and lack in so many ways?

“Playing In The Divine” is a completely different

experience – something outside of the box. We are offering a roadmap to your own awareness, a look into your own innate wisdom. It’s an exploration into how to create your own healing and a true experience of being authentically you.

Patti Ann of FeatherTouch and Michael Ramsey of Gateway Healing will combine their expertise and meander through the corridors of consciousness with you. As a group we will explore what is really going on in your life and how you can create the life you dream of inside of your heart.

Michael Ramsey     It will be spontaneous. It will be creative. It will be enlightening. It will be healing…..and it will be fun!


Patti 9,17,15

Fee $50

Registration required!
RSVP, preferably by text :

(440) 223-7510(440) 223-7510 (Patti) or
(216) 389-1804(216) 389-1804 (Michael)

The FeatherTouch Celebrations
address provided at registration