“Restoring Your True Nature” ~~ An Experiential Retreat

          The All is Well Movement is proud to host this in-depth exploration into a truly transformative experience – Restoring Your True Nature with Michael Ramsey.

As a healer, teacher and awareness coach Michael is well known for playing with Divine energy to reshape people’s realities and ultimately their life experience. In addition to studying extensively with some of the world’s most notable shamans, healers, and sages-and through continued awakening experience and Divine guidance-he is impassioned about helping people heal physically, mentally and emotionally.During this retreat Michael will demonstrate how to loosen the apparent hold duality has on your life (sick and well, right and wrong, good and bad) and transform what you believe to be true through the field of the heart. When you begin to trust in the heart and truly surrender, your self-imposed limitations fall away and you enter a gateway of pure potentiality and infinite possibility.

Join us for this unique and enlightening retreat, and allow yourself to shift physical, mental and emotional energetic blocks within minutes. Understanding how to elegantly clear and strengthen the underlying energetic weaknesses, that create both physical and non-physical symptoms, is healing and life-altering.

We will explore how working with unconscious beliefs and limiting patterns can literally move you beyond the apparent stuck points in your life. Restoring your true nature and living beyond your self-imposed limitation is not only doable, it’s easy.

Come play in the Divine and create a different experience of what is real, as we learn:

* How to identify strong or weak energetic patterns in yourself and others.
* How to clear, strengthen and re-pattern energetic weaknesses.
* How in not doing, everything is done.
* How to play with reality and what you believe to be true.
* How to identify Tand clear limiting unconscious beliefs.
* How to shift energetic patterns in yourself and others.
* How to transform all conditions with All Is Well.

What is Included

Your weekend includes housing and sleeping arrangements, according to the needs specified in your registration form.

Meals provided: Friday evening snack; Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and Sunday continental breakfast prior to checking out. Feel free to bring snacks to share.

You will receive a gift bag upon arrival, along with a list of local attractions to enjoy during ‘down-time’.

Restoring Your True Nature Retreat

October 6th – 8th
Start time: 6:30 p.m. Friday
End Time: 10:00 a.m. SundayRustic River Retreats
930 Tote Road
Austinburg, Ohio 44010

Register Here !

Deadline 9/1/2017

Patti Ann – (440) 223-7510
Cost $300