Spirit World: Travel Within

Taught by Michael Ramsey.

Spirit World Travel WithinWe are created to walk in both the spiritual and physical worlds – to live a life of balance. Unfortunately, our culture believes and relies on the physical world weakening our experience of the spiritual. This offering will show you how to reclaim your natural ability to be in and aware of the spiritual world. When we rely to heavily on the physical world and our physical senses we feel disconnected and discontent – like something is missing. We search endlessly in the outside world for the right answers. Come and learn how to find everything within. You truly are everything you have been looking for.

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MICHAEL RAMSEY began his extensive studies of human behavior, growth and healing at a young age, striving to understand what motivates people and how they create their internal and external experience of life. He is certified in many techniques, not the least of which is Psych-K, but Michael prefers to think of himself as ‘heart-based’ rather than ‘technique-based’. He is an incredibly gifted healer, compassionate and empathetic on every level of his work as well as his life.