“My Stroke of Insight” Was Already Taken, So We’ll Title This: ‘Our Stroke of Genius’

I wouldn’t have thought my absence would have been noticed, but since I’ve received many texts and e-mails asking if I no longer write my articles, I thought I should hit “reply all”.

A little over a month ago my husband suffered a stroke. I should say, our family and friends suffered my husband’s stroke…or together, we suffered a stroke that one of us had. I really dislike the word “suffer”, especially since believing all things happen for our highest good….so we will change the whole thing up to: Together, my family and friends, angels, saints, and guides experienced a stroke, and moments of it did indeed feel like a stroke of genius. Why wouldn’t it with so many beautiful souls participating in it?

We experienced miracles and amazing synchronicities from the onset of the first symptoms to this very moment, when my husband is sitting in the living room unpacking his latest Amazon shipment. Yay Amazon, for giving us a reason for living !!

Being the holistic practitioners that we are, it was a full 48 hours before we called 911. Well, I should explain…. it’s not that we were being neglectful; it’s just that we tried everything else first and when we realized these symptoms weren’t simply going to go away, we made the call. Western medicine is a valuable tool as a last resort. It’s just that too often, people choose them and pharmaceuticals as a first resort and are often sorry for it later.

First responders are amazing, aren’t they? If you have ever needed assistance, then you know of the gratitude I am speaking of.

But alas….as with all things…there has to be the exception. Our home was filled with nearly a dozen EMS personnel and one fireman. One of them thought it prudent to berate us for waiting so long to call them. Allow me to digress a little here……

When you have practiced holistic, energy, herbal, or any other form of alternative medicine for 30 years, and it has worked and you have rarely needed a physician’s treatment, and are past middle-age and not on any medications, you feel reasonably safe that what you know to do is going to work. It’s not that you rule out prompt attention, but we have learned sometimes to trust our gut instincts and ride things out for a bit. By all means, we had “first-responders”. They just were not medical in their approach. Did they serve their purpose? Absolutely! If not for them, we would not have experienced the miracles we had!

Actually it was the ambulance personnel themselves who were inadvertently our first miracle. It is so good to listen to our inner voice, because if we had called an emergency squad immediately, and if they did what they customarily do with potential stroke victims, my husband would have died. The majority of strokes are due to a blood clot. The medication they immediately administer is known as a ‘clot buster’, in order to reverse symptoms as soon as possible. My husband however, had a brain bleed which is more rare, and if they had administered the clot buster, he would have had irreparable brain damage, and most likely would not be here to talk about this or much of anything else either.

Please….do NOT take this as a recommendation not to call for emergency assistance when you need it. I am simply stating the importance of listening to the still small voice inside…our “God-voice”…If you are accustomed to trusting it, please continue to do so. If you are not in the habit of trusting it, don’t start with an emergency situation. Get yourself to a hospital sooner rather than later. I am merely relaying our first miracle that occurred in this situation. There were oh-so-many more, but some things are personal, and need not be publicized.

Things happen to people when they have had a stroke or a heart attack, or survived a cancer experience.

Those of you who have experienced such, please know and acknowledge that the people who love you are experiencing it as well. Everyone has their own story to tell from their own perspective, but this I can promise you: for all concerned, it is a life-altering experience. Everything changes. A ‘new normal’ develops….a ‘normal’ that does not include pettiness or nonsense or any of the things people have tended to waste their time on. You look at each other differently. You look at the world differently.

When you have lived through a crisis, and you’re confined to a space that must become your home away from home for a while, you begin to seek out more beauty, more kindness, more of the things that uplift and inspire, because those are the things that heal bodies, souls, hearts, and lives.

You find it easy to release all of the illusions that people think are reality and put so much of their energy into.

A couple of weeks into this ordeal, I thought to check in with social media and my eyes fell upon a political post. It was surreal…a feeling of, ” Huh? People are still talking about this? People still think this is real??? ”  The world’s nonsense is utterly foreign to me…

I just wish we would all understand the temporal quality of all the stuff we invest so much of our time and energy in. It makes me want to quote the book, “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting…”

Our experience at the Cleveland Clinic Euclid Rehab Center also helped turn a negative into a positive. We fell a little bit in love with all of his caregivers. They are indeed the cream of the crop of beautiful, caring people. Those of us who are entrusted with care-giving upon the return home are often told repeatedly to take care of ourselves. That is always the plight of the care-giver, and there is nothing new under the sun.

However, I really want to share this experience with you, even from the self-care perspective. You have to understand the setting there.  We often felt we were on vacation over the past month.

We went outside several times a day, crossing a lovely garden bridge next to a waterfall, and I would then push his chair up a gentle incline to a brick patio with tables and benches overlooking our beautiful Lake Erie.

We fed seagulls and got to know them all by name, and they know us too because of all the goodies we brought them. Who knew seagulls don’t particularly care for grapes? But they do love popcorn, and Italian sausage!

So…considering the circumstances, we have done well to recognize and absorb the blessings this interruption to our lives has been. We made friends (both human and fowl), we laughed a lot, and we discovered a level of love not only between us, but for all of humanity that we hadn’t even tapped into before. The fact is odd, considering that has been the foundation of my work for 22 years!

Friends have become family…and strangers have become friends. It’s been a whirlwind experience, filled with synchronicities and miracles. We are amazed at the earth angels who share our lives.

So….needless to say, it’s been an emotional time, but in a good way–an evolved way.

The stroke of genius showed its stunning face daily as we discussed not only the daily happenings, but the nature of Life and Love and God and the Universe itself!

Annabelle and the Angels revealed themselves repeatedly…and the topics they inspired me with are filed deeply in the recesses of my brain, but most of all my heart, where they are now indelibly part of me, and hopefully over time, become part of you too.

We are eager to address some of them here in the future, and will do so…but it just felt out of order to share my writing space with them today. They eagerly…though patiently (angels are able to do what we humans cannot: be both eager and patient)….await their turn at the keyboard, and they have already started discussing globalization with me! Yikes !! This should be good, as they remind us once again that….

* “All Is Well.”

“Really. Truly. All is Divine Order, and blessings come in a variety of shapes and sizes.”

*[Annabelle, August 2017]