Susan Newton returns to FeatherTouch !! “Ancestors… Past Present and Future…Celebrate and Enjoy the Gifts!”

ALL who have come before us have paid forward many things. Learn how to open the gifts that have been paid forward for your peace prosperity and abundance. Discover unnecessary circumstances you may be paying forward to your descendants and how to shift those behaviors. Presence is a gift for all who choose to master the daily practice. Join me to assist in ancestral healing, in the presence of the group, as we pay forward all inclusive peace to our descendents while honoring our anscetors. As always there will be messages of empowerment for attendees, along with some surprises.Susan Newton Aqua scarf rose close up

As an Author Speaker Relationship Mentor and Medium/Mediator Susan is honored to share empowering tools God has shared with and taught to her. With certifications in NLP & Stress Management it is her joy to serve in life enhancing and empowering ways.

Saturday, Aug. 6th

9:30 a.m. ~~ 12:30 p.m.