A Tale of Two Healers (2)

           Once again, two of our favorite facilitators with completely differentapproaches using totally different techniques to achieve the same results, meet together under one roof, and you and I have the opportunity to not only witness it, but also to benefit from it!

My FeatherTouch home, having hosted Michael Ramsey and Henry Reed for this event in January, is already vibrating with excitement!

It was during October when we enjoyed an absolutely transformative retreat with Michael Ramsey, that my husband and I who had been blessed by both the Ramsey experience and “Doc” Henry Reed’s healing expertise in oh-so-many medicine modalities, decided it would be amazing to bring the two together, so we did exactly that and the event was so successful, everyone requested their return.
They not only became acquainted with each other that day, but did some phenomenal “tag team” healing as well—each just bringing their own gifts to the table and doing their own thing—unchoreographed, unscripted, and totally lead by Spirit. We all resonate with different people and different healing systems, so who wouldn’t be excited to be part of such an evolutionary event?

Many of us have experienced the triune (body, mind, soul) therapeutic gifts of either Michael or Henry, but few of us (if any) have had the good fortune of experiencing both of them at the same time!

Please join us again (or for the first time) for an extraordinary healing experience with Michael Ramsey and Henry Reed on April 21st, from 11 a.m.~~3 p.m.



As with every FeatherTouch event, our puppies will welcome you, the Medicine Cats will remain ever vigilant, and refreshments will be served.