Testimonials for Four-Directional Healing

The loving energy of healing and light elicited [from Thomas June and Patti Ann Dooms] of FeatherTouch has brought relief, peace, clarity, and openness into my life. I am a caregiver for my mother who is living with my husband and me. She is wheelchair bound from polymyositis, a degenerative muscle condition, and she is victim of many TIAs. When I took her for a FeatherTouch treatment, she was in the midst of a TIA and I couldn’t get her out of the car. While I was struggling with her, Tom instinctively came outside and immediately put his hands on her head. Her headache and confusion disappeared within minutes. Since her healing, her TIAs have subsided considerably.

My back, already weakened from years of extreme stress and overuse, ached unbearably from the added strain of lifting my mother. Quite desperate and almost unable to walk, I participated in a FeatherTouch healing session. After approximately one hour, I was able to walk normally and was completely without pain. My osteopath and massotherapist (weekly visits) were overwhelmed by my complete recovery.

Because of this, my uncle was willing to make an appointment. He was diagnosed with lung cancer, which was inoperable and untreatable. He also had emphysema and was given six months to live. He was under Hospice home care when I took him to Tom and Patti. Six months later, his oncologist ordered a CAT scan of his lungs since he was doing remarkably well. To the oncologist’s amazement, the three tumors decreased considerably in size and are presently dormant. Needless to say, he is no longer under hospice care, is off his oxygen and nebulizers, and is living a full, viable life.

My sister recently visited us from Chicago and I wanted her to experience the healing process. Believing she was without physical maladies, I primarily wanted her to meet her angel (Tom’s specialty) and find peace in her life. Immediately after the healing session she contracted a fever of 100.9, which lasted for two days. When her fever subsided, she guided my hand to her left breast and asked me what I felt. I felt nothing unusual. She said her breast had several cysts and one was the size of an egg which was bothersome. She is now cyst free.

I have recommended FeatherTouch Wellness treatments to many friends and family members. Everyone who participated benefited from at least one facet of the healing process—spiritual, emotional, psychological, auric (energy), or physical. I believe that the loving spirit, energy, and wellness showered upon all those who participate in the healing sessions enhances the wholeness of each individual. It has made me more aware of my spirituality and connectedness with others.

Diane T. Kopp

The following e-mail was sent to me after several months of FeatherTouch healing sessions for rheumatoid arthritis. The client subsequently went into remission, and remains so:

I’m still training [for the Cleveland Marathon] and that is going well. I’m doing 2-3 miles each day (with weights) now with a goal to keep increasing the pace and distance as I can. I’m still losing weight, too. I’ve lost close to 30 pounds now.

I went back to my rheumatologist on Saturday and admitted to stopping my Humira (the immune suppressant and main RA treatment). He was stunned and amazed, but stated that I am still in remission. I told him about the Energy Healing [FeatherTouch] that I’ve been receiving and asked what he thought and he joked that billions of Chinese can’t all be wrong! I was happy to hear that he is as open minded as I thought.

Julianne Gentile

Kathy Browning was diagnosed with such severe tooth and gum damage, that she also suffered bone loss and was scheduled for surgery to repair the bone loss and rebuild her face. Just prior, she scheduled a FeatherTouch Wellness distance healing treatment because in her words, she had nothing to lose. The following is her testimonial:

Patti ~ I don’t recall ever feeling better. Honestly! The surgery went extremely well and they only had to graft a very small section. They were prepared to graft the bone from under my nose, back to the jawbone. I only required a 5/8″ section. The doctor said “I don’t know how this happened. Your X-rays indicated a much greater loss. It appears something was wrong with the machine”. I told him that I had been included in numerous prayer & healing circles, as well as receiving FeatherTouch Reiki healings. He just looked at me like I had three heads, LOL.

Thank you so much – you truly are a master healer!

Love you!
Kathy Browning