Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde


I’ve discovered over the last several months just how often I say,  “Gosh, it feels like Mercury is in retrograde.” …only to ask whoever I’m with, “Is Mercury retrograde??” 
Then of course are those mornings I wake up with that familiar sense of foreboding and convince myself Mercury must be retrograde.  I check my calendar.  It is not. All is well  no matter what it feels like….

This has made me realize that the whole experience often referred to as “life” is an incredible roller coaster ride, full of seemingly ‘never-going-to-make-it’ uphill climbs, only to come crashing down in such a way that my stomach feels as though it has become dislocated.

It’s not Mercury; it’s life.  We just have this handy escape mechanism that we refer to as Mercury Retrograde because it gives us the feeling of eventually culminating and then ending….
But have you ever gotten through a retrograde only to feel that it’s not over at all?
Ah yes, that would be the “shadow period” (making the retrograde effect even longer) while our reliable astrologers also tell us we continue to feel this way because this other planet is squaring that planet and eclipses are happening all over the place and the moon is in the sign of whatever and the scary solar flares are what we should really fear……

And there it is…..
That dreaded word….

Life is not to be feared. We didn’t come here to fear our daily occurrences; we came here to create them according to our individual desires, and to co-create some really cool stuff with our fellow inhabitants in this time and space. 
Together, we created this very normal astronomical event (that is not an incorrect term; it is indeed astronomy and not astrology) and gave it attributes that may or may not be true (that part is astrology and not astronomy)….but what IS true is that our Creation was never meant to be feared.  Our Creation was meant to be celebrated.

We are shifting.  Energetically we are becoming a new species.  These shifts, I suppose, can be a little scary as we are traveling into unknown territory….but isn’t it all unknown?  Isn’t every single day–when you really think about it– “unknown territory”?  After all, we haven’t been here before, and who knows what the new day will bring? 
I think the shifts are exciting.  They excite me because they confirm everything we were ever taught about this time and place and our role in it. 
C’mon people, stop being scared and let’s play !

So….if this is the case….and it most certainly is according to my celestial guides…..then perhaps we need to take another look at what Mercury Retrograde means because in all actuality, if something in our Universe feels fearful to us, then it is not the Universe’s fault.  We are doing it all by ourselves.  The Universe does not create fear; we do.

Does this mean Mercury Retrograde is not real?  Of course it’s real…but….our perception of what it means may indeed be distorted:

It does not mean bad luck.
It does not mean to beware of that, this, or another thing.
It does not mean for us to hide away, with the covers pulled over our heads and bury ourselves in  chocolate for the next three weeks.
And it most certainly does not mean for us to say ‘no’ to life in whatever way it presents itself to us at that time.

What it does mean is perhaps much simpler than we might have ever thought….because you see, Mercury Retrograde has a formula.  During this three week period, we are to practice everything that shares the retrograde prefix:


RE trograde

Re new
Re assess
RE align
RE flect
RE invigorate

There now.  Doesn’t that seem a whole lot less threatening?  Less scary?  Less fearful?  Less victimizing
More self-assertive?  More life-affirming?  More in control?  More enlightening?

I think I’m even looking forward to Mercury Retrograde this time around, simply….if for no other reason…than my faith that……..

All is well.
So, seriously….let’s play !

Yours in perfect alignment with all that is ~~
~~ Patti Ann