THRIVE! Beyond Belief

Taught by Michael Ramsey.

Michael RamseyExperience Spirit at Work.

You are created to thrive, to be fully alive and filled with joy. You are a divine being capable of dreaming any life into being that you can imagine. There truly are no limits. I am sure you have heard these thoughts before or something similar. You might even think you believe it to be true. Well, lets look at your life. Because your daily experience will tell us what you truly believe. Your life is a perfect reflection of your attitudes, perceptions and beliefs.

If this is true, that we are perfect and powerful beyond measure, why do we struggle with anxiety, depression, illness, pain and financial lack? Thrive is all about answering that question and creating an expanded life experience. Thrive is a spirit guided organic group experience that is driven by the needs and desires of each group – each offering will be completely different. Spirit will lead us and guide us home to our true divine nature.

There is only one thing stopping you from having a greater experience of life – YOU! This is good news because it gives you the power to create a different experience. It is also our greatest challenge because we have to face ourselves and take responsibility for everything we experience in life. Thrive is an experience of expanded awareness and shifting of perceptions to allow a completely different experience of life.

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MICHAEL RAMSEY began his extensive studies of human behavior, growth and healing at a young age, striving to understand what motivates people and how they create their internal and external experience of life. He is certified in many techniques, not the least of which is Psych-K, but Michael prefers to think of himself as ‘heart-based’ rather than ‘technique-based’. He is an incredibly gifted healer, compassionate and empathetic on every level of his work as well as his life.