From my friend Kelly:
Please pray…
PRAYERS NEEDED: Urgent prayer request!
Kayla Scott’s 22 month old son accidentally shot himself in the chest with a brad nailer (construction nail gun). It went off in his heart ~ He is now in critical condition and not doing well. Neither is his mom ~ Please start a prayer chain for this baby.
Please copy & re-post. As you would want someone to do it for you, thanx guys I wanna see this as your status for at least half hr please!!!! A good friend just posted, asking all prayer warriors to start their own chain by copy and paste, and I don’t ask often, but this is just a baby.
The power of prayer. God says wherever there is three or more gathered in His name in complete harmony He will give them whatever they ask for. So please let’s all be in complete Harmony and say this prayer for Kayla Scott’s baby.”

Don’t be alarmed. The above story is not true; it was a hoax spread on social media this past week.

Why (one might ask) would anyone be so….so….so….Well, I don’t even know how to describe this. I suppose it’s a bit sociopathic, wouldn’t you agree? I absolutely could not fathom why anyone in their right mind (ok, obviously the originator of this story is NOT in their right mind) would make up such a horrific scenario!

I really pondered this…maybe even obsessed a little…Why? Why? Why?…..Then decided to ask AnnaBelle and my angels to assist me in looking at it from a different perspective. When searching for another perspective, there is none better than an angel to give us a variety of scenarios from which to base a sound observation.

As for AnnaBelle, you previously knew her as simply Anna; she has recently revealed herself to be AnnaBelle, which is a story for another day, but I just thought I’d mention it.

Ok beloved AB and your winged and haloed entourage, IF…as most of us readily say….”everything happens for a reason”, then what could possibly be the reason behind such an action?

First, and perhaps most obvious Dear Ones, is that a whole lot of people prayed.

Understanding exactly what prayer is—an act of love—then all at one time, hundreds—maybe even thousands—of people sent out an overwhelmingly high vibrational energy of love and compassion into a world that really really needs it right now.

But wasn’t it wasted?

Of course not. Prayerful, Divine, loving energy can never be wasted. That love and compassion poured into the world and being energy, it knew exactly where to go. It didn’t go to a hoax. That would have been impossible. The energy always knows where it is most needed. God always knows our needs. As well, we are ever present and always flock to assist. That all happened anyway; it just didn’t go to a lie. It went somewhere else into the etheric soup that contains all that is and all that was and all that ever will be. Despite being driven by a hoax, an enormous stream of love entered the world all at one time.

So, I got to thinking……According to A Course In Miracles, nothing is real. All is an illusion.

Does this mean that in a sense, our lives are basically a hoax we play on ourselves every single day?

Your reactions to that hoax are something else entirely, and it is in those reactions that the reality of your lives is created.

Your needs are always known, so basically your responsibility (and as numerously stated, you are responsible for everything that shows up in your lives), is to stay in alignment with the Creator of all that is. Staying in alignment means being grateful, and expressing that gratitude in such a way, that you have total and complete understanding of the situation at hand.

In other words, it does you no good to express thanks in vain, which is to say (or feel) “Gee, thanks for nothing.”.

Sometimes you really have to look at the situation you find ourselves in, and no matter how daunting it appears, you have to study it from every angle—every observation point– and determine your role in the creation of it so that you can honestly be grateful for it. In doing so, you discover that your gratitude sets you free from the chains you wrapped yourselves in. We are always available to assist you in determining those angles. We are the “Angle Angels”, and we love to make you smile.

Going back to that story……At first I was angry to learn it was a hoax.

But that didn’t last long when I remembered it’s a hoax! Not true! No child did this! 

It never happened! It’s not real! Then of course I remembered that nothing is real…..

Do you see where you’re going here?

If you would start treating every bad story you hear as a hoax, you would remember that everything is in divine order and there is no need to fear.

If you would start treating every negative situation you find yourselves in as a hoax, you would remember that everything is in divine order and there is no need to fear.

If you would start treating every illness you experience as a hoax, you would remember that everything is in divine order and there is no need to fear.

If you would start treating every difficult relationship, every challenging project, every news media story (and the one quoted here is no different from any other news media story; this one just happened to be on social media instead of your network media)….If you were to start treating every naysayer, every protester, every political stand, every nonsensical position, everything that has you up in arms on a daily basis….as a hoax……..

If you were to start accepting that the world around you, and everything in it, including you, is not real, but merely illusion….then perhaps you would change it. All you have to do is comprehend the falseness of it.

Surely, you all played with clay as children, or have drawn a picture…..When it didn’t turn out as you had hoped it would, you simply re-formed it or erased it and started again. That’s what you know to do with everything in your lives, except your lives….and yet, you are just as much in control of them and your world as you are in control of a lump of clay or a pencil and paper. Of course you have to take responsibility for working with either one if you desire to create something beautiful and therein lies the rub……

You all too often simply do not know how to work with clay or pencil and paper. Like everything, it takes practice. You can practice molding your lives. You first do this, by accepting that the life you are experiencing is one of your own creation and is simply mirroring back to you the reactions you have to the other illusions around you.

Nothing is real. It’s actually kind of simple in its complexity….just as it is complex in its simplicity…..an interesting paradigm.

If you could learn to accept the unreality of reality, you could change your reality.

Funny how one thought leads to another…..So I guess the hoax creator served his purpose and blessed us by reminding us of the only truth—that nothing is real, it’s all our creation, and we can create anything we want.

As for me, I am creating what was always meant to be…..Life in the Garden—the garden we were never actually thrown out of, but lead ourselves to believe that we were.

Good for you; you’re catching on !! It’s all an illusion. You are still here—in the Garden– and all is well. Believe it. Know it. Choose to experience it. Send love and prayers and compassion and well-wishes out to the rest of the Garden whenever you think of it. The energy travels on angels’ wings, and knows where to go, and as it is energy, it travels full circle. WE travel full-circle, right back to you!

You can do this. We will help you. Together, we will make it so all is right with the world. Watch us !!