A Tale of Two Healers

  Two Facilitators with completely different approaches using totally different techniques to achieve the same results, meet together under one roof, and you and I have the opportunity to not only witness it, but also to benefit from it! My…

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An Oracle for 2018

  What will 2018 be? Tumultuous? Hopeful? Inspired? Mellow (OhYeh, right!)?   Get early insight about the year to come through Neal Szpatura and the Soul Journey Oracle deck. We'll take a look at 13 aspects of 2018, with additional exploration as seems…

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“Healing Stories”

  ~~A Transformational Circle for Comfort, Growth, and Healing~~ with Neal Szpatura "There are no truths. There are only stories." Those eight words encompass perhaps the most powerful teaching my esteemed shamanic teacher ever provided me. The stories we embrace,…

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